Service and Repairs

SMART IN OVATION GmbH has held a unique position of expertise and experience for over 30 years when it comes to repairs, for example, of control systems for the former company Multitron GmbH and "Fessmann" control systems for climatic and smoking chambers.

We provide spare parts, repairs, and replacement control systems, with an emphasis on food-related control systems and positioning control systems.

Food-related control systems
  • MC2
  • MC3
  • DP11
  • FPC100
  • FOOD.con
  • DPD
  • DPK
  • DP03
  • And many more
Positioning control systems
  • PS10
  • PS50
  • PS52
  • OPC200
  • And many more

The Repair Process

  • We perform repairs at component level and only fix what is broken. This means that a full board replacement can often be avoided and the repair costs can be minimized.
  • Each repair is carried out as requested, on the basis of an illustrative cost estimate according to the fault pattern.
  • You receive a detailed description of the fault cause for each repair.
  • We aim for complete testing of all repairs. We use reference norms and test adapters to test the control systems.
  • Before dispatch, all control systems must complete a minimum of 8 hours of continuous operation without errors.
  • If a repair is not cost-efficient, we can generally offer you a replacement solution.
  • Thanks to our background and our contact network, in some cases we can also procure control systems and modules that have been discontinued.
  • We would be happy to work as your partner for repairs, spare parts supply, and strategic new procurement of control systems for your existing plants.